NEW American Bureau of Shipping Certifikat

Written by Freddy Arntsen.

American Bureau of Shipping, PDA Certificate recived the 30 April 2018

American Bureau of Shipping Certificate Number: 18-LD1592418-PDA - Expires: 29 April 2023

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New Production Facility

Written by Freddy Arntsen.

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iso 9001

Scantec Engineering moved production and office to Lofoten in northern Norway in 2002. And now after 14 years we are moving production facilities to Nøtterøy, approximately 120 km south of Oslo. The new facilities are ISO9001 certified.

We move production so that our customers can have a more reliable, stable and shorter delivery time, and that we can increase our production without compromising on quality.
When we move to new facilities, our product department will have an even better collaboration with the production

Scantec's office will remain in Lofoten.

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